Goal of the Game


Starting at the bank, the Builders strategically role 1, 2 or 3 dice to move clockwise around or through the center of the board, working to acquire the 25 jobs needed to complete the construction of their house.


Each job has an associated cost that is a percentage of the $500,000 construction cost. 

 Footings and Foundations: $30,000.00

Footings and Foundations: $30,000.00

 Rough Plumbing: $15,000.00

Rough Plumbing: $15,000.00


Job in Sequence

Job Sequence_Image.jpg



Builders work to acquire jobs in sequence unless it benefits them strategically not to. Once a job is in sequence it is nailed down and it can’t be taken under any circumstance by a competing builder. 


Good Day/Bad Day and Cost More/Cost Less Cards


When a Builder lands on a Good Day/Bad Day Square, they must take the action, positive or negative, highlighted on the card.


When a Builder lands and a Cost More/Cost Less Square, they gain or lose the funds stated on the card.  


Buying A Job From Competing Builders

Build-iT isn’t just a game of luck, strategy is equally important. If you land on a job that is already owned by a competing Builder that is out of sequence, it may be in your best interest to pay the 20% premium to purchase the job from them instead of from the Bank. This can slow down a competing Builder’s progress while speeding up your own.

There is a 20% premium cost when buying a job directly from a competing builder. The Premiums can be found of the premium cost sheet.


Roll a Single, Double or a Triple



Each turn Builder's have the choice to roll one, two or three dice. If a Builder rolls 2 dice and gets a double, they get another turn. If they roll three dice and get a triple they can move to and purchase any job of their choice and take another turn.


Passing or Landing on the Bank



Each time a Builder passes the bank they receive $1,000.00. If a Builder lands on the bank, they receive $2,5000.



If a builder runs out of money before they complete the construction of their home, they go bankrupt and are out of the game. 


Who Wins the Game

The Builder to complete the construction of their home by obtaining all 25 jobs first wins the game.