Build-iT With Bryan…Step By Step is a fun new board game that combines strategy and luck to challenge Builders (players) to complete the construction of their new house before any competing Builder while trying not to go bankrupt.

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Help Us Build this Game

This game is 100% ready to go but we need your help to produce the game, which is why we're launching a Kickstarter Campaign. Be the first to know about launch day updates and get this fun new game before anyone else. 



We're offering our backers four reward options, including two options for a limited edition game with a certificate signed by Bryan Baeumler (limit of 1250). All rewards include FREE shipping. 


One Build-iT with Bryan Game: $49 CAD includes FREE SHIPPING                     (approx $ 36.99 USD) 


Two Build-iT with Bryan Games: $89 CAD includes FREE SHIPPING                        (approx $ 66.99 USD)


One Ltd Edition Game, with signed certificate  $89 CAD  includes FREE SHIPPING        (approx $69.99 USD)


One Limited Edition Game and One Play Game: $129 CAD includes FREE SHIPPING            (approx $ 97 USD)


How to Play